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Beauty Hacks


How To Get That Summer Glow - Without Makeup

I think we all know by now that past a certain age 'good genes' come in a bottle and fine lines are erased by botox and lasers. And we also know that a sun kissed summer glow has nothing to to do with the actual sun. I feel like I need to hand out SPF ...

Never Go To Bed Without Washing Your Legs

I remember the first time I saw them. This incredible pair of absolutely flawless legs, sitting right next to me - in real life. Of course, we see them all the time in magazines, those cartooned versions of people, nothing to take seriously. So when I saw them attached to a real live person..

Low Maintenance Bangs

To Bang or not to Bang. That is the question. You know you want it though. The sexy iconic Bridget Bardot bangs or the frenchi blunt cut you’ve been eyeing on Taylor LaShae and the endless number of celebrity imitators ..

Have you guys tried _skinnycoffeeclub ye

Coffee With Benefits

You may not know this, but your coffee can do a LOT more than just wake you up in the morning and let you down in the afternoon. There are so many different powders and infusions that enhance beauty and youthfulness..


Quarantine Beauty Queen

I brought my esthetician friend, Kenna Marie, on the podcast to talk about how we can make our skin look as perfect as the filtered version we've been showing off on IG. Her skin is FLAWLESS. Without makeup. And all of her long time clients have flawless skin as well. I used to be jealous, but now I'm feeling inspired..

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