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Travel Tips

Best Free Things to do in Venice


If you've been to Venice, you know it can be insanely expensive, and tricky to navigate on a budget. Here are some incredible FREE ways to experience the aquatic city of love...

Packing Light:

Warm Weather Wardrobe Ideas

I probably don’t need to tell you that ‘packing light’ means you’ll be wearing the same thing over and over as you travel. However, it doesn’t have to appear that way to everyone else ...

How To Keep Your Whites Sparkling White


I love wearing white in the summer. It always brings out the tan, even if you don’t have one. And when it’s sparkling white you look and feel like a goddess. Unfortunately, it’s easy for whites to lose their allure. Recently we were in Capri...

Tabacco Toscano | Vanilla and Smoke


While in Cannes, I discovered a little shop called Santa Maria Novella. Her luxurious old world aroma drew me inside where she piously engaged me in the 600 year old secrets of her alchemy. The creation of the distilled rose, the cure for the Black Plague...

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