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City Spotlight - Miami

Spring in Miami Video

Miami is one of the most visited cities in the world, maybe because it’s got warm weather year round, and some of the country’s best beaches with their soft white sand and gentle ocean waves. It’s home to around 150 ethnicities, and quite a few celebrities. Not to name drop, but Drake was handing out a million dollars to the people of Miami while we were there. That makes me feel special. And still broke. You can watch how that all went in his new video ‘God’s Plan’.

And did I mention baby’s got back? Well, she’s got it. The bigger the booty the better. So shake what your mama gave you. Or, what you worked really hard at the gym all winter for. Or, what you bought last weekend..

Anyyywaaay, click on a link below for my favorite places to eat, drink, see and be seen.

Or, click the video below to see what Miami looks like in the spring.

Places to Stay

Planning to stay the night? This is the list

W Hotel South Beach
Fontainebleau Hotel Miami
The Miami Beach Edition Hotel

Mondrian Hotel South Beach Miami
The Betsy Hotel Miami

If you want luxury for less, try AIRBNB

They have amazing deals at beautiful resort-like homes and condos

If I've missed anything, let everyone know in the comments below.


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