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Family Feuds And Holiday Fun - Part Two

In part two of this episode my friends, Gina and Bel help me finish answering all your questions regarding family drama over the holidays, including what to do when your parents hate your boyfriend, what kind of gift to give someone you really don't like (secret santa), what to do with a psycho ex, and how to introduce your children to a relative who's just been released after 20 years in federal prison.

We're also giving you all of our best holiday gift ideas (Holiday Gift Guide Link) and talking about what it takes to actually follow through with your New Year's resolutions.

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Family Feuds and Holiday Fun Part Two, Ristretto In Stilettos



1/3 peach juice (made from ripe white peaches)

2/3 prosecco

serve chilled in tall skinny glasses

Since I made ours in the winter, and didn't have access to fresh white peaches, or Bellini glasses, I just blended frozen peaches with a little sugar, poured it into water glasses, then added prosecco. The fuzzy peach pulp sliding down the sides of the glass added an elegant touch I think.

Tap here for our Holiday Gift Guide


Click HERE for Gina's Counselor

Click HERE for the book on Setting Boundaries

Crystal Water Bottle

We're all looking for better ways to stay hydrated, and crystal infused water is an aesthetically pleasing choice. Not only is it going to sit a thousand times prettier on your desk than a hydro flask, there are also minerals in the crystals that will infuse your water with different types of health benefits and spiritual energy. Similar to mushroom powders and mineral elixirs, different types of crystals will do different things. Gina got the rose quartz because it helps with unconditional love. Since I already have enough of that, I chose the clear quartz for its healing properties. You can also get purple amethyst for spiritual support. Make sure you get a high quality crystal since you'll be drinking it, and some crystals could contain toxins.

Tip For Eating Less Sugar

Of course you could quit sugar cold turkey, but the method I use is way more relaxing and gives you serious long term results. Don't overthink it. Here's how it works. You start weaning yourself off sugar by replacing something you love (ie coke) with something a little bit healthier, like coke flavored kombucha. Live Soda Kombucha tastes pretty good, and comes in all the popular pop flavors. My favorites are the Root Beer and Dr. Pepper

Once you grow accustomed to drinking delicious live soda, you start reaching for something even healthier, with less sugar, like a more traditional kombucha. Pretty much any other store bought kombucha is going to be sour and you'll get the disturbingly slurpy 'mother' slime at the bottom. If you can tolerate this well, switch to homemade or locally made kombucha. When you get to this point, you'll either stop drinking anything that reminds you of these carbonated beverages, or else you'll fall in love with the taste and get rich starting your own homemade kombucha factory. Whichever way this path leads you, you'll have a hard time going back to the sickeningly sweet coke you used to drink. It won't hit the same.

You can try this substitution method with pretty much any junk food you want to stop eating. I give more examples on the podcast. You can watch it HERE or listen HERE

A Vibrator

If you're single, you probably already have one. If you're in a relationship with a man, things can get tricky. And look, we understand guys can get a little queasy at this so called 'competition', but we think you should introduce it as their friend. It takes girls a lot longer to reach their O, and a vibrator can speed things up. Not to mention intensify the action. It's a win win if you think about it.

Lauryn (from the skinny confidential) recommends This Vibrator and This Online Store for purchasing sex toys. I haven't tried it yet, but with Christmas right around the corner, it sound like a gift that keeps on giving. We go into more detail on how to intensify your orgasm with it HERE and HERE

Lemon Essential Oil

We've all heard we're supposed to be drinking lemon water in the morning, but what about the flavor? What about the seeds?? What about the mess??? Bel's answer is Lemon Essential Oil. It doesn't contain the same amount of vitamin C, but it's easier, tastes better, keeps its flavor throughout the day, AND contains more antioxidants, as well as the compound D-Limonene which helps with healthy bowel movements, reduces acid reflux and improves mood. Read This Article by Flourish Yoga to learn more.


Looking to lose weight and get fit for life? Bel recommends Noom, a personalized app that's non-restrictive, goal oriented and designed to equip you with strategies to reach your ideal weight loss and fitness goals without ever having to diet. Bel said it gives you a lot of tips and tricks to stay on track and help you hold yourself accountable to the goals you set. She explains all about it Here and Here

Click Here to get 20% off when you sign up for Noom

If you have any questions or recommendations please comment below. I love hearing from you!

Till next time,

xx shrazzi


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