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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

All I want for Christmas.. I've already gotten for myself. I mean, seriously if gifting myself was a holiday sport I'd be crushing it. However, there are members of my family and friends that don't have the same amount of self sufficiency it requires to keep themselves satisfied through the holiday season and may need a hand. It's okay, I get it. And I'm here for it. With a little help from my friends -

Gina, Bel and Marnie have helped me compile a list to satisfy everyone on your list - and mine. From significant others, to parents, friends and even gifts for the people you hate. Secret Santa anyone? We talk all about it on the podcast and show. Tap here to WATCH or LISTEN or continue scrolling for all the deets.

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photo from Vogue Paris, Jan 2017 (Pinterest)

Ok, let's start with your SO (significant other). As we mentioned on the Podcast, the best gifts are the ones that show you really know the person. The ones that show you're actually paying attention. Finding out their love language is extremely helpful here. For example, if they show love through touch, you can get them massage oils with the promise of an intimate night. If they show love through words of affirmation or praise, you can write them a song or poem. If their love language is giving gifts, you're going to have to go out and get them a physical token of your affection. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE to learn about the 5 love languages and take the quiz.

Side Note: If you don't know them well enough to know what their love language is, you probably don't know them well enough to even get them a gift, so... you can use this list on yourself.

words of affirmation gift ideas ristretto in stilettos

Words of Affirmation

If they light up when you give them compliments and melt into your arms with a simple nod of approval, they will love this list. You can google ideas to help you write, but don't copy and paste. It has to sound like it's written in your voice, and also has to be an accurate representation of your relationship, not someone else's.

1. Write them a song

2. Write a hand written love letter or note for them to find around the house

3. At the very least write them a heart felt card

4. Take them somewhere where they can show off their talents and compliment them on how well they do it.

5. Comment something thoughtful on Insta or write something sweet on their FB page (only if you've already established a visible online relationship)

6. Sing them a song at karaoke night or in a more intimate space

physical touch gift ideas ristretto in stilettos

Physical Touch

I feel like this one's pretty self explanatory. If they reach for your hand, snuggle up to you in the theater, and softly moan when you stroke their hair you've got a lover of touch on your hands.

1. Either buy them a massage or get some oils and play masseuse at home

2. Take them out dancing

3. Take them to a movie or play and cozy up in the darkness

4. Buy them a sex toy

5. Take them to a dine in the dark experience

6. Watch a movie at home and exchange foot rubs

7. Share a bath with a bottle of champagne

8. Give them a luxurious foot massage

acts of service gift ideas/ man servants/ ristretto in stilettos

Acts of Service

If you often find them doing things for you, chances are this is how they understand love. And its easy to reciprocate, if you've got the time. If not, you'll have to hire out. It's not exactly the same, but it will be understood and appreciated.

1. Making them breakfast in bed, click HERE for ideas

2. Cooking a romantic dinner

3. Surprise them by fixing something that's broken

4. Clean or organize their room or apartment

5. Book a Man Servant to do their bidding

quality time gift ideas, ristretto in stilettos


If they're texting you constantly, actually calling you 'just to talk', and wanting to spend all their free time with you, they show love through quality time. They are the easiest and least expensive people to please. If you've got the time.

1. Go on a hike, pack a picnic

2. Take them out dancing

3. Go to a play or comedy club

4. Drive-In Movie

5. Night time skiing

6. Tickets to their favorite concert

7. Dinner and a movie

8. Cuddle up with your favorite books side by side

9. Take a day off from work to spend the day with them (this might be the most meaningful thing you can do)


If they're into giving and receiving physical gifts, we've got you covered baby. Here's our extensive list of goodies.

Lovers (and really good friends)

Exotic Gifts

Scarves, jewelry, wall decor or anything else you picked up on your travels. If you aren't able to travel, World Market has some nice jewelry and exotic home decor. It's easy on the budget too.

Nice Jewelry

As Gina mentioned on the podcast, please don't do the Tiffany's in a box. It's outdated and overdone. Instead, choose something from a local boutique. And make sure you keep the gift receipt so they can exchange if you didn't get their style just right.

Healing Crystals

here to check it out.Make sure they're into crystals before going this route, and also that you're getting an authentic healing crystal. Not something you picked up from the dollar store. You can get decorative crystals, crystal jewelry, crystal air plants.. I have a crystal water bottle that I LOVE, and it's way prettier than a hydro flask. Click

Tezza Collage Kit

For the photographer or creatively inclined. Order it here

Spa Treatments

Buy them a massage, facial, or any treatment they've been dying to try. Stay away from things like lip filler, botox or breast implants. Anything that would suggest they are inadequate in any way could backfire.


Here are a few of our favorite stores and online shops: Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, La Perla, Ashley Graham and Inamorata,

Sexy Photo Shoot

If you're really feeling yourself this year, you can immortalize your fire with a sexy photo shoot. It can either be like a boudoir shoot, or you could even make a calendar. Chances are, if you like the photos, your lover will too. If you live in Seattle, Goldie Lucarelli does a really good job with this.


Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential recommends This Online Store for purchasing sex toys. I haven't tried this yet, but with Christmas right around the corner, it sound like a gift that keeps on giving. We go into more detail on how to intensify your orgasm with it HERE and HERE (starts at 37:40)

Gua Sha Tools

Using an ancient technique, pure jade gua sha facial tools help with anti-aging, wrinkles, lines, dark circles, circulation, and puffiness. It also helps your skin better absorb the face creams you're using. Order it here

Frank Body Coffee Scrub & Oil

This body scrub is my FAV, it tackles stretch marks, cellulite, smells incredible and hydrates your skin. Order it HERE

pink mango customizable art ristretto in stilettos

Pink Mango

You can turn any photograph into a work of art. Erica Stolman of Fashion Lush had them make her a self portrait and it looks PHENOM. You should probably order a picture of your loved one instead of yourself, because it could come off as narcissistic. Order your custom portrait here

Penis Warmer

For the man who has everything. Order it here

One Sided Speedo

Just for fun. Order it here

Manscaping Kit

Covers all the essentials. Order it here

Woo More Play

Edible coconut love oil and all natural freshies after play wipes make a spicy gift or stocking stuffer. Order them here


If you don't know their favorite scents, your best bet is to pick out one that you love and let them know how good you think it will smell on them. Then, even if they don't like it, they'll love wearing it 'just for you'.

Hilarious Socks

If I ever caught Amir wearing dopey looking socks, I'd prob burn them. But I know a lot of you like them, so they made the list. Urban Outfitters has some decent ones.

Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving

For the adventurous

Dinner Cruise

This can be really romantic, as long as your partner doesn't get easily sea sick.

Ski Pass

For the snow bunnies

Concert Tickets

Especially if one of their favorite performers are in town

Game Tickets

Just make sure its for the right team

Personal Training Sessions

This can be a good nudge in the right direction if its something they've been talking about doing. If they haven't been talking about it, you just noticed they've been gaining weight, maybe stick to the game tickets or funny socks.

Class Pass

The perfect gift for someone who's unhappy with their gym membership and gets bored easily. Class Pass lets you try different types of exercises in studios all around your city. Get $40 off your first month of workouts here

Master Class

If your SO's been itching to learn a new skill, Master Class offers online courses in nearly every category taught by celebrity experts.

Vinyl Records/ Record Player

So old school and perfect for anyone who idealizes vintage furniture and shops at thrift stores. As Bel mentioned, you can also use the record jackets as wall decor.

Subscription Boxes

They make them for men and women now. Here are some good ones that I know of: Fab Fit Fun, Stitch Fix (men & women), Ipsy, Cause Box (eco-friendly and ethical), Birch Box (men & women), Bespoke Post (men), and Gentlemen's Box (men)

Serene Life Infrared Sauna Amazon

Infrared Sauna

These saunas help you lose weight, remove toxins, reduce stress and fatigue. It sounds ridiculously expensive to buy for personal use, but Marnie found a really good deal on amazon. Order it here

Sakara Life

If you want to give them the gift of glowing skin from the inside out, Sakara Life has these beauty and detox drops that elevate basic water to an energizing, everlasting level. They also have a 10 day reset box which includes both of the drops I just mentioned, plus 10 easy to make recipes, a daily probiotic blend, detox bars, energy bars, their super powder and detox tea. It's designed synergistically to restore your gut, clear your skin, boost your energy and shed excess weight. Get $50 off your first order here


This is a good idea only if you know their style, or if they have no style.


Perfect for photographers or filmmakers wanting to take their craft to the next level. It's also a good gift for anyone who wants to take better pictures of their travels.

Red Bubble

Shop here to get personalized gifts from independent artists. If you know they're style, this can be very thoughtful. They've got phone cases, coffee mugs, posters, clothing, stationary, accessories, etc..


So many of the gifts above can be given to parents too, but here are a few more we came up with.

dry farm wines ristretto in stilettos

Uncommon Goods

This website offers a variety of specialty gifts from unique games and drinking glasses to diy kits, gourmet spices, personalized journals and heirloom cookbooks. There's literally something for everyone on your list here


Gina goes to the same market every year and gets her parents hand blown glass ornaments. When my kids were younger, I would sometimes have them paint their palms and press their handprint onto ornaments to give as gifts to my parents, aunt and uncle. As they got older, I would let them pick out ornaments for the relatives that they could buy with their allowance money.

Wine Subscription

For any wine lovers out there, you can't go wrong with Dry Farm Wines. All of their wines are sourced from small family farms, with wild fermented yeasts and absolutely no additives or chemicals. Discovered on The Skinny Confidential. Order it here

Hello Fresh

For anyone who doesn't know how or doesn't have time to cook. Order it here

Eat Clean Play Dirty, Sakara Life Cookbook Ristretto in Stilettos

cook books

If your parents are on a new diet trend or starting up a healthier lifestyle, you can get them a cookbook to keep them inspired in the kitchen.

Shiatsu Massager

This one has great reviews and brings the heat. It massages your back, shoulders and neck with a deep tissue 3D kneading pillow and 8 massaging roller balls with adjustable intensity. Order it here. If you want to go the extra mile, get them the infrared heated foot massager as well. Order it here

Heating Pad

If your parents are suffering from aches and pains, they can cuddle up with this heating pad and get some much needed relief. It's ultra soft and comforting. Order it here

Travel Kit

If your parents are traveling a lot, you can get them this convenient travel kit from Pinch Provisions. It comes with 18 travel essentials including an eye mask, nail clippers, anti-wrinkle spray, stain remover, phone/tablet stand, breath drops and toiletries. Order it here

Silk Pillowcase

This is the ultimate in luxury if you can afford it. Perfect for anyone who needs their beauty sleep. I absolutely love my silk pillowcases. They're anti aging and prevent sleep creases and bed head. Slip is the most popular brand, but you can get high quality for less here

Stocking Stuffers

Or gifts for friends and acquaintances

Best Friend Zip

This is a glam little device that helps you zip up hard to reach places. It's a fun and at times V necessary accessory to have on hand. Order it here

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

For a little extra boost to get them through their day. I drink lions mane and chaga daily for energy without jitters and clarity of mind. Order it here

Static Nails

These are award winning pop on nails that give an instant non-damaging manicure. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Here are my fav Conjure Almond, Doe, and Coconut Coffin

slip silk pillow case and silk eye mask ristretto in stilettos

Portable Phone Charger

For anyone on the go who's phone is constantly dying. That happens to all of us, right? Make sure you know if they have an iPhone or android so you get the right one. Order it here

Mini Booze

Cheers to making spirits bright.

Beard Oil

This one contains 8 premium Ayurveda essential oils to soften, smooth and strengthen your man's face mane. Order it here

Silk Eye Mask

Luxurious mask for anyone needing their beauty sleep. Order it here

Silk Scrunchies

Delicate on the hair and trending at the moment. Order it here

Healing Crystal Stones

For creating balance in a chaotic world, this set comes with 13 healing crystals and a necklace to wear them in. Order it here

Monogram Marble Bottle Stopper

This is a pretty and personalized gift for the wine drinker on your list. Order it here

Zodiac Jewelry

If they asked for your sign when you met, they will probably love this. A couple I like are here and here. I also like these astrology soaps

Man Soap

This one smells so good I use it too. They also make deodorant and body wash. Order it here

Swiss Army Knife

For the jack of all trades.

Secret Santa

On the podcast/show a girl wrote in asking what she should get for a person at the office she hates. We came up with a few naughty ideas. You can listen to the podcast here or watch the show here (starts at 4:03)

And that's a wrap! Let us know if you have any other good holiday gift ideas in the comments.

Till next time, xx shrazzi

Disclaimer: I got all of the photos from Pinterest, none of them were taken by me


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