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Explore + Snap Miami

If you're looking for a good place to snap those carefully curated photos you post on social, I've got a few that won't disappoint. As always, if I've missed anything important share in the comments below.

Watch the MIAMI SPOTLIGHT video to see my favorite restaurants and beaches.

For an extensive list of the nicest restaurants, rooftop bars and nightlife click the links below

ocean drive, miami

Basically everything I've shown you in Eat Miami + Drink Miami are incredibly photogenic and insta worthy, but you've got to do more than just eat and drink, right? Like, you should probably stand in front of an interesting wall or something. If that insulted you, I already know you're guilty. And it's OK. Miami has an entire neighborhood, Wynwood, where you can indulge all of your guilty pleasures. Balls to the walls.

THE WYNWOOD WALLS - 80,000 sq feet of walls are covered in unique graffiti art by over 50 artists representing 16 countries. You've probably already seen some of them on your insta feed. If you want the whole experience, plan to visit on the second Saturday of the month where the entire Wynwood Arts District turns into a late night street party with food trucks, live music and drinks till late in the evening. You can explore this creative community on your own or sign up for a guided walking tour here.

If you still haven't gotten your fix of artistic pleasures, check these out.

MUSEUM OF ICECREAM - Unfortunately, the fourth location for this candy land museum is relocating. This is sad news if bubble gum pink and pop pastels are your thing. You can still swing from bananas and swim in a pool of sprinkles on the west coast in San Francisco

MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT - surround yourself with beautifully designed art, high end shops, museums and restaurants. A few standouts are the Institute of Contemporary Art 'ICA', Maman Fine Art, the Fly's Eye Dome and the St. Roch Market for dining. There's also a theater called 'Nite Owl' that plays old forgotten classics on 35mm, run by Nayib Estefan and the Secret Celluloid Society.

PEREZ ART MUSEUM - Miami's flagship art museum offers not only a fine selection of international modern and contemporary art, but also sweeping views of Biscayne Bay where they sometimes offer happy hours. Click for their calendar.

VIZCAYA MUSEUM & GARDEN - a mansion surrounded by gardens, lavishly decorated with paintings, sculptures and antiques spanning 2,000 years. I've heard that the live tour guides may be somewhat of a waste of time, as you can read the signs posted in each of rooms, or do the self guided tour for $5 and move at your own pace. They also do events, like moonlight meditations, which offers the yoga class and estate tour for $18

COCONUT GROVE - considered Miami's original neighborhood, first settled by an eclectic group of Bohemians, artists and adventurers over 100 years ago. The lush canopied boutiques, galleries and sidewalk cafes keep it fresh and vital.

Moonlight Meditation, Vizcaya Museum


MIAMI BEACH - somewhat natural, somewhat man made, not unlike the people you'll meet there, Miami beach is a wonder and you will marvel at its beauty. The long stretch of clear water and soft white sand with it's Michelin chefs and trendy hotels are a continual draw for celebrities and starry-eyed mortals alike.

SOUTH BEACH - part of Miami beach, but arguably cooler

NORTH BEACH - I guess this is a thing?

Miami Beach, Florida
Betsey Hotel, South Beach


BAYSIDE MARKET PLACE - two story outdoor mall with views of Biscayne Bay and over 150 shops, plus restaurants and live entertainment

OCEAN DRIVE - If you're still awake at sunrise, drive home via ocean drive to watch sparkling light reflect off the pastel colored art deco hotels

PRIVATE YACHTS - explore South Florida waterways and discover the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean by yacht

HELICOPTER TOURS - a 40-minute sightseeing flight over Miami, South Beach, and Biscayne Bay with smooth leather interiors and a bottle of champagne

LUXURY CAR RENTAL - if 'dressed to impress' means stepping out of a convertible BMW Z4 or Porsche Boxster


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