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Low Maintenance Bangs

To bang or not to bang.

That is the question.

Taylor LaShae Bangs

You know you want it though. The sexy iconic Bridget Bardot bangs or the frenchi blunt cut you’ve been eyeing on Taylor LaShae and the endless number of celebrity imitators. I'm guessing what you don’t want, though, is the hot mess you’ll inevitably end up with the next day.

If you cut bangs and wake up in the morning with the kind of anxiety that makes you wish you never went to bed with them in the first place, I got you. Here are three easy ways to get them off your forehead and out of your mind.

Taylor LaShae It Girl

Side tip: Pin your bangs up and to the side while you sleep, it keeps the situation much more under control. Or, air dry them under a beret like LaShae.

Bangs Pulled Back 3 Ways

Look One: the twist

Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. Twist them forward and pin them back. It's seriously that easy. You might need extra bobby pins depending on the length of your bangs.

Bang Tutorial - The Twist

Look Two: the faux bang

You twist your bangs the same way you did before, but this time pull them back, then pull them loosely forward before pinning.

Bang Tutorial - The Faux Bang

Look Three: the braid

Grab a large section of hair, you want to include the longer hair with your bangs. Pull them forward, as before, and braid them. Pull the braid back, loosen it till you achieve a seamless look, then pin in place.

Bang Tutorial - The Braid

Click the video to see how it's done.

Shrazzi Bang Tutorial Video


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