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Coffee With Benefits

Coffee with Age Defying, Beautifying Benefits. You may not know this, but your coffee can do a LOT more than just wake you up in the morning and let you down in the afternoon. There are so many different powders and infusions that enhance beauty and youthfulness as well as increase metabolism and sustain energy levels throughout the day.

Channeling my inner alchemist, I’ve been experimenting for years and now I’m ready to share my secrets for the perfect brew. You can watch the video on IGTV (exclusively on your phone via instagram) or read on to get all the details.

Coffee With Benefits

I’ve been taking FOUR SIGMATIC MUSHROOM-INFUSED COFFEE for a few months now and I’m completely addicted. It costs less than a latte and comes packed with energy enhancing benefits. I use the Lions Mane & Chaga blend. It opens my mind, making me feel alert and alive without the anxiety I sometimes get with espresso. It also has a pleasant earthy taste - not mushroomy at all. LIONS MANE supports focus, creativity, memory, concentration, and brain health. CHAGA is alkaline forming, improving your energy and metabolism. It also supports productivity, focus, and creativity. COLLAGEN POWDER improves the vitality of your skin, hair, nails and joints. I use the Reserveage brand because it includes hyaluronic acid and Vit C which helps plump skin and improve elasticity. It also doesn’t have a strong animal flavor like some of the other brands I've tried. PEARL POWDER just a sprinkle helps stimulate the body's natural collagen, evens out skin tone and strengthens hair, skin, and nails. You can even add it to your face cream to make your skin more radiant. HE SHOU WU nourishes the blood (improved circulation), hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center and spirit. GARAM MASALA is a sexy blend of spices that not only enhances flavor but also slows down the aging process, relieves inflammation, increases vitamin and mineral absorption and helps with weight loss. HEMP OR NUT MILK I've been using Malk and Forager because they are both extremely pure and taste great. And this is the only Hemp Milk I've found that isn't made with harmful ingredients. STEVIA (to make it taste indulgent with 0 calories) Tip: try not to buy anything that’s not 100% stevia leaf extract. Some brands add toxic fillers. I keep all these powders in the same spot to make it easy, and I put a serving sized scoop of each into the bottom of my coffee cup. Then I pour the hot water and mix. It doesn't even coagulate. Finally, I add nut milk and stevia to taste. Usually no more than a swirl and a drop. It's the perfect way to start the day and know that I'm doing something good for my body tomorrow.

TIP - add a small scoop of Inulin Powder if you feel like you need more fiber in your diet. It also helps reduce inflammation in your gut and keeps you feeling full longer. Discovered by Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential via Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny

Let me know your experience with any of these, or if you know of any other beautifying elixirs you want to share in the comments.


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