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Easy Last Minute Halloween Inspo + Tips

I love a good reason to dress up. To be honest it doesn't even have to be good. But I have some kind of aversion to planning ahead. I must somehow like the pressure of a last minute decision. So, a day or two before Halloween I hit the local thrift stores and wig shops with a handful of inspirational photographs (ie my cellphone). Here's what I'm looking at this year.

Photo from Pinterest


"I Woke Up Like This"

Not only does a facial mask and robe make a ridiculously easy costume, it also exfoliates to reveal a more youthful glow at the end of the night when you peel it off. And if the mask is sponsored you can go as "An Influencer" holding a sign that reads "THIS IS AN AD" and applaud yourself for your veracity.

Tip: Be sure to get a mask that you can wear overnight so it won't leave you red and irritated.

Photos from GlamGlow

"Last Year's Hair Trend"

This is as easy as finding the right wig. Unless you're still wearing last year's hair trend.

Photos from Pinterest

"Celebrity Knockoff"

My favorites are Brigitte Bardot, 80's Madonna, Lady Gaga (in any manifestation), Prince and most recently I dressed as Courtney Love and Frida Kahlo - those eyebrows man. But you could literally go as anybody.

Tip for the unprofessional: the more closely you resemble that person, the more likely it is that people will recognize you.

nicholas alvoeiro as prince

Photos from Pinterest

"Guess Model"

This look really just requires big hair and sultry eyes. To get big hair, I suggest curling it, spraying it with your favorite hairspray and then backcombing the entire thing. Twice. Click here for a Guess Tutorial on big hair

Photos from Guess


Completely unoriginal but always sexy.

Photo Unknown

kitty costume


Got milk money? Join the club.

Fergie M.I.L.F

Photos from Jordana at Sugartothecore

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What are you wearing this year? Indulge my curiosity in the comments below.


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