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No BS Guide for Instagram Growth and Engagement

Calling all influencers. Looking for more followers on instagram, and better engagement? Shannon Silver and I are sharing all our secrets on what it takes to be an influencer with*actual* influence. The good, the bad and the ugly. Click here for an honest chat about how Shannon and I grew our Instagram followings and what we do when we want better engagement. When I was doing some of these things I was getting 500+ likes per post and a lot of engagement. Since then I've been slack as I've taken on other projects and it REALLY shows. There are some shortcuts which we'll talk about in the video, but if you want the maximum impact you have to put in the time. Don't worry, we'll show you exactly what to do to build a unique brand that people trust. So important to have a trusting, loyal audience if you're looking for those high paying collaborations and brand deals. I mean, who isn't nowadays It's nice work if you can get it.


As the word 'influencer' gets tossed around like dirty laundry, there are still a few who are doing it right.

Enter Shannon Silver, a bombass 80's babe with glowing skin, unique sense of style and a lazy luxury lifestyle blog called Esselesse. She's also got a sommelier license underneath that vintage Gucci belt, which makes her an ideal resource when you're looking for that perfect bottle of wine to drink while watching the sunset and listening to her 'chill with me' playlist'.

While her style is naturally intriguing, I was even more attracted to her brutal honesty. Here was an influencer I could actually trust. I have a feeling you understand how rare this is. Watching Shannon navigate life as a blogger in San Fransisco with her bf Erik has been endlessly entertaining. Their cooking shows, funny cat videos, wine recs, vintage fashion - and the way she feels like a friend, like someone you can actually connect with, not just another person selling something. Ya know? She’s one of the most honest people you'll find on insta, and she's become a friend too good not to share.

You can connect with Shannon on pretty much whatever platform you're into

AMAZON (to shop her Japanese skin care regimen)

Click HERE to watch the video


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