How To Keep Your Whites Sparkling White

How to keep your whites sparkling white while traveling and other laundry tips.

I love wearing white in the summer. It always brings out the tan, even if you don’t have one. And when it’s sparkling white you look and feel like a goddess. Unfortunately, it’s easy for whites to lose their allure. Recently we were in Capri, hiking up the winding white stairs to the top of this apparently clean island. It was until afterward that I discovered how deceiving those steps were because they left a rim of filth all over the bottom of my dress.

I was horrified. Washing with bleach could ruin it. Let's face it, nothing looks the same after a good run through the washer. I then read you can get stains out using vinegar, but honestly who wants to smell like vinegar?? Then somehow I got the idea to hand wash it with dove soap. I mean the bar is white, smells really good and has always washed my face well. Made sense in the moment. And let me tell you, it WORKS LIKE MAGIC. I also use it on darks. It pretty much works on anything with stains or smells you'd like removed. I've even used it on silk.

I mean, you might have to do some scrubbing to work the dirt out but it absolutely does the trick. If you've got grease stains I’ve found dish washing soap does the trick. I had my son wash his white linen pants with it after dripping pizza sauce on his lap. It took a little soaking and gentle scrubbing but it came completely out!

Dish washing detergent is probably not something you travel with, but it’s cheap. Dove soap bars cost around €1 in Europe and are small which makes it easy to travel with. You can obviously use it in the shower as well, so it does double duty. Click here for a link if you can't find Dove Beauty Bars in stores near you. #nonsponsored

If you have any other tips, please share in the comments! talk soon xx

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