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Interview with Ingrid De La Mare Kenny - Part One

Ingrid De La Mare Kenny is a health and fitness expert and my personal 'anti-diet' guru. If you haven't heard of her, you need to tune in now. She talks about how to balance your hormones, heal your gut, cure food allergies and intolerances, get feminine lean dry muscle, as well as how to become effortlessly chic and sexy in the way that French women just seem to have mastered.

CAUTION: Strong language and opinions, do not watch if you are easily offended

Ingrid and I met at the Fairmont in Monte Carlo, Monaco to film this interview for you, but were told there's no filming allowed. I suppose it's for security reasons with all the high profile clientele. So, we recorded the audio and now you can either watch it as a video slideshow or listen while getting ready, driving to work, or cooking dinner. Tap the photo below to watch. Or listen. Kisses from Monaco xx

Ingrid De La Mare Kenny Interview

Stay tuned for Part Two of our interview next week where we get really personal, dishing dirt on exes, dating as a single mom, working in the film industry, hair removal techniques, cellulite remedies that work (and don't), dealing with haters, motherhood and aging. It's juicy. It's fun. You don't want to miss it.

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