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Interview With Ingrid De La Mare Kenny - Part Two

Ingrid De La Mare Kenny is a diet and fitness expert, and my personal health guru. If you haven't heard of her, you need to toss out every diet book you've ever owned and tune in to her podcast. She's got this really sexy accent too. No one knows where it came from, but it's totally hot. Tbh, if you don't have an accent by 2020 I suggest you find one. Or make one up. It's tres chic.

CAUTION: Strong language and opinions, do not watch if you're easily offended.

I met up with Ingrid in Monaco to get the skinny on how French women eat whatever the f** they want and still look good naked. Intrigued? Me too! In this half of the interview we're dishing on Ingrid's dating life, types of men to avoid, the trend of women leaving men for other women, how to find your soulmate, working in the fashion industry, life in the French Riviera, cellulite (what works, what doesn't), best hair removal techniques, how to be irresistibly sexy even as you age and more. It's a good time. Click on the video and enjoy the ride.

Ingrid De La Mare Kenny Interview Part 2

Side note: The restaurant we chose to film the interview in didn't allow cameras. I found out this is standard throughout Monaco to avoid capturing high profile clientele in the background. So, I pulled out my phone, hit record on voice memo, and we convo'd till my battery died. I added pictures to give the video some visuals so you can either watch it as a slideshow, or listen to it as you're getting ready, driving to work, doing dishes or folding laundry. It's basically like an illustrated podcast.


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