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Ristretto In Stilettos Podcast - Episode 1

It's here! The Ristretto In Stilettos Podcast. You know I'm just a girl with simple taste. Always satisfied with the best. And with this podcast it's even easier to share all my tips and tricks on how to get everything you want out of life. In this episode, my friend Luane and I are giving you our best true crime stories & real life ghost encounters, favorite beauty creams, a DIY lip lift hack, and halloween costume ideas (sent in by you).

CAUTION: Strong language and opinions, do not listen if underage or easily offended

Ristretto In Stilettos Podcast Episode 1

We're filming every podcast so you can also watch it on youtube. I think it's a little more fun that way and there's always a little extra footage and behind the scenes that doesn't translate to podcast.

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