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What Women Want - Part One

This week's podcast is for the guys. We're answering all your questions. Getting down and dirty, divulging our secrets, what makes us tick, why we drive you crazy, what we like and what we DON'T. It's a good time.

My friends Luane and Eva are here to help answer all the questions you sent in via instagram

We kind of got carried away and had to turn it into two parts. In this episode we answer the questions How can you tell if a girl likes you? Does money matter? What to do on a first date? Why do we rely so much on astrology? Why do we give mixed signals? Do we like it when you open the door for us? How to get out of the friend zone? And more...

Listen to the podcast here

Or join us for a drink and watch the show here

Ristretto In Stilettos Podcast What Women Want Part One

Btw the macarons in the video are from Lady Yum in Seattle. They're insane. The best we've ever had. Not sponsored

Tune in next week for Part Two where we continue answering your questions. We're also discussing the deal breakers you wrote in and giving you our best life hacks, including Eva's luxurious 2 ingredient body scrub that will leave your skin silky soft and hydrated through the winter.

Please subscribe and hit the thumbs up if you like the podcast and video! It means a lot to me. You can also leave a comment. I will be reading and answering all of them.

Till next time!

xx shrazzi


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