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What Women Want - Part Two

Welcome back! In Part Two of What Women Want, my friends Luane, Eva and I continue drinking wine while answering the questions guys sent me via instagram, including 'How Long Should You Wait To Get Physical', 'Why Women Send Mixed Signals', 'How To Get A Date When You're Shy', 'How To Be A Better Kisser', AND 'Why Men Should Never Fart or Clip Their Nails in Front of Girls They Like'.. It's a little controversial. A little racy. A lot of fun.

What Women Want Part Two - Ristretto In Stilettos Podcast

We're also giving our thoughts on the deal breakers girls wrote in via Insta:

When They Smell Bad

When They Don't Prioritize A Woman's Pleasure

Guys Who Only Talk About Themselves

Lazy, No Ambition



Cheap, Doesn't Offer To Pay on First Date

No Sense Of Personal Style

No Bed Frame, In Love With His Bros

Bad At Math

Bad Kisser (We give you lessons on how to kiss better)

Prefers Anal Over The Rose

Bad With Money

Poor Emotional Intelligence

Talks Bad About Their Exes

Passive Aggressive Assholes


Uses Me As A Placeholder

Chews Loudly

Gross Eater

The Macarons in the video are from Lady Yum Seattle. They are insane.

And stay tuned for Part Three, the conclusion of What Women Want where we answer more personal questions about what we like and DON'T from men, plus we give our tips.

Listen to the podcast here

Or join us for a drink and watch the show here


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