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Rags to Riches - Seattle Style

Thrifting will never go out of style - thank you Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Besides saving the earth, minimizing waste, pollution, etc.. you know that when you shop second-hand you are purchasing something that has been worn, washed, basically been through the ringer and endured the test of time. Jackpot

shrazzi wearing vintage coat pioneer square seattle

shrazzi wearing vintage coat pioneer square seattle

photos Ivan Mrsic

Always on the hunt, here are the freshest finds.

I almost exclusively shop the location in Ballard, although I've found a few nice things at their U-District shop. They may or may not buy your clothes, but they have a rad selection of clothing, shoes & accessories. That's right, RAD. Retro, Active & Designer. They also throw in a few newer, trendy items to mix things up.

Don't let the name throw you, this guy also has a really nice assortment of clothing and purses in the back. It doesn't say so on his website, but it does irl. Situated in Greenwood.

Le Frock in Capitol Hill is more vintage than thrift, and the prices reflect that. I generally like their selection of coats and designer formal wear, but I really only come here for the vintage lingerie. Sont magnifiques mon cheri

On the other end of the spectrum, we have something a little more than tried and true. It's almost as if the person donating just walked right out of their clothes and hung them on the rack. Like, you can still smell the warm bodied sweat when you pull them off. If that doesn't deter you, then you win! Because you can't get a better price anywhere. I only shop the Goodwill in Edmonds and Ballard. They are cleaner and always seem to have things I like. I bought a brand new Juicy purse for $40 and the re-claimed vintage fur in the photos for $45. I also bought a United Colors of Benetton faux leather jacket but it still smells like some other girl's cheap perfume - like, it's not my cheap perfume - and I can't bring myself to put it on.

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